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Final semester thesis

————————– Career Progression and Satisfaction of Graduates from RMIT’s Public Relations Degree ————————- I’d like to give special thanks to all the graduates from RMIT who took time out of their days to not only complete my research survey, but pass it on to fellow alumni and respond so positively to my initial contact.   Introduction:… Continue reading Final semester thesis

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Heaven, hell, or just another town

Originally written as a longform piece for a university journalism subject. ————– “Maryborough’s like my own personal hell.” We share a sad half-smile over Skype screens, the images lagging a second behind sound. Georgie Silckerodt and I met almost ten years ago in our small Christian high school, both pre-teens who never quite ‘fit in’… Continue reading Heaven, hell, or just another town

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Set me a scene | Writing task

Under the warm glow of the old industrial heaters sits an interesting combination of Lygon street lunchers: ladies holding whispered conversation over glasses of red wine, solo diners carefully tearing apart hot garlic bread, and half of the Carlton AFL team laughing as they divide pizzas over the several tables they populate. Thickly accented waiters… Continue reading Set me a scene | Writing task