Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2017: Rose Matafeo – Sassy Best Friend

Rose Matafeo is a legend of the New Zealand screen, her TV show Funny Girls one of the best skit shows around. Turns out, she’s equally as funny doing standup in 3D in front of you.

Rose’s show ‘Sassy Best Friend’ is a night of relatable hysterics for anyone not quite convinced they’d play the lead role in their own rom-com. She poked fun at the eternal whiteness of leading ladies in the genre with her own musical twist, and the fact that the Sassy Best Friend’s one liners just don’t have the same punch once extended too far.

Matafeo explores her feminist upbringing in slogan t-shirts she didn’t truly understand, and pulls comedy from her own adolescence in Auckland. If anyone finds footage of her high school’s production of The Sound Of Music complete with ‘culturally diverse von Trapp family’ then I desperately need to view it.

Rose pulls comedy from every portion of her life, opening up to the audience about the struggles of loneliness one minute before switching to a screaming impression of ripped jeans that had me almost falling off my seat, and then coming full circle on how to make the most honest Christmas crackers in the world.

Sassy Best Friend is flawless. Rose Matafeo has poured so much energy into not just memorising the show but choreographing it to the millisecond, and interweaving her own plot throughout in hopes one day she may be the main character in her own cheesy love story.

If you love some skitty goodness as well as some well-placed Shaggy tunes, Sassy Best Friend is what your perfect night looks like.

– Jasmin
Jasmin Ashton is a designer, marketer and freelance writer from Melbourne who has a lot of feelings about everything. Find them at @Jasmanna.


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