Comedy Festival: Stunt Lounge

Stunt Lounge is the creation of five young graduates from the famous Flying Fruit Fly Circus. It seems a little out of place on the bill at a comedy festival, although it does have some laughs. I’d say it’s 10% comedy, 90% absolute jaw-dropping art. And I don’t say that lightly. My jaw very literally dropped many times.

Set in a lounge room (get it?) with a sparse set consisting of a very large, very coveted couch and surrounded by five large lamps dressed in very smart jackets, nothing stood idly, with every prop playing a part in the show at some point and the more professional tools brought in (or dropped from the ceiling) as needed, especially the beautiful copper hoops that would fit right in at Kmart.

An hour of time freezing acrobatics, flips, jumps and flying, the young troupe have put their heart and souls into creating a show that has you trying desperately not to blink just in case you missed a nanosecond of brilliance. There were a few moments of slightly off synchronicity and some errors but they were forgotten instantly, or even had you more in love with the characters and wishing them luck for their next trick, as you become emotionally invested.

Stunt Lounge’s main feature is narrative – the show is presented in small scenes, with each character having different motivations, goals, and challenges. There were mini-love stories told through hoops and acrobatics, comedic vying for comfort, tales of aging and woe – a whole spectrum of emotion told without a single word.

This show was art in its purest definition, you could feel every ounce of effort that had been put in behind the scenes, matching music perfectly to every act (the music is flawlessly chosen and beyond perfect), arranging scenes to transition from laughter to gasps of suspense, and a grand finale that is the most aesthetically pleasing sequence I have seen in a long time.

-Jasmin Ashton


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