Comedy Festival: Paul Foot

Paul Foot is his own league of comedy.

I was unfamiliar with Foot’s comedy, but after years of seeing his name and face floating around with the best of the best, I decided to take my diehard fan friend and get educated on what the fuss was all about.

The run time of the show says 60 minutes, but it truly lies – the offstage introduction took a total of roughly 20 of these, and it was hilarious. Paul Foot was adamant the show didn’t start until he stepped foot on stage and formally introduced himself, so instead spent the majority of his introduction bounding around the audience like the most hyperactive puppy you’ve ever seen, accosting everyone in an aisle seat with his excitement…guess where this writer was sitting. He orchestrated his own entrance and applause, made obscure eastern European jokes which were hilarious, and focused very, very heavily on the ins and outs of palliative rooster care – I’d never considered it as a career before but I think I will keep on with this writing shindig instead.

‘An Evening With Mr. Paul Foot’ is a peek inside the frantic high energy brain of the man himself, often compared to the likes of Noel Fielding, with nonsense of a brilliant standard for those looking to escape reality. I found there weren’t many moments of full blown laughter but I consistently had a smile on my face which is an achievement for a Tuesday night. As always happens, the funniest moments of the evening were down to audience participation – hopefully when you go along yourself you can try to be that hilarious person.

And keep an eye out for the Big Spectacular Finale, it’s truly foolproof.

-Jasmin Ashton


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