Comedy Festival: David O’Doherty – Danger is Everywhere

You’ve got to be really clear when requesting shows, or else you may end up a 22 year old sitting in David O’Doherty’s children’s comedy show with a crowd full of the target audience aged 5-11. Don’t worry, I still took my mum.

Danger Is Everywhere‘ is 100% brilliant nonsensical survival guide – we left the show as qualified Dangerologists, which puts my bachelor degree thoroughly to shame. We learned that danger truly is everywhere – from page 9 spiders to the horrifying injuries that could come from clapping too hard. You never know when danger could appear, and you have to be ready for it always.

Audience participation was definitely the highlight of this show – none of that adults-giving-opinions nonsense, this was all about 4 year olds talking about their pets or one hilarious pre-teen who confidently told the audience that ‘the true danger in life is curiosity’.

The audience participation had some beautifully tense moments, and it made the show. Note to David: when you ask Australian kids what a good insult they know is you are very, very lucky if the worst that comes out is ‘jerk’. The parents weren’t forgotten though – mum and I were in hysterics for most of the show, just from the brilliant nonsense levels, warning us of polar bears in the CBD and how to identify a vampire by the special noise their fart makes.

We’re very educated now, and I give ‘Danger is Everywhere’ one very soft round of applause. If you’re more of the over 12 year old age group, I’d highly recommend getting along to his other show aimed at larger children.

-Jasmin Ashton


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