The Royal Croquet Club Review

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 7.08.08 pmI’m not sure about the official queenly endorsement of The Royal Croquet Club, but when team TPO found out it was back in town this summer it became a battle of who would get the coveted review spot. I won, because it was my birthday and I am not afraid to shamelessly exploit that fact.

I didn’t get the chance to go to the RCC last year, only glancing longingly at it as I went past, so getting to enter after all this time lived up to the dream, with the giant lad and lady at the gates presenting a daunting yet majestic introduction. (They are literally giant, if they came to life they could play croquet with a small car.)

I will admit, I didn’t actually pick up a croquet mallet. My hand eye coordination means it’s far safer for me to just play spectator, and my plus one and I happily spent many hours in the beautiful Melbourne afternoon sun watching other people play the royal sport. Honestly, it was a pretty perfect birthday afternoon, sitting in beautiful sunshine on the banks of the Yarra people watching and drinking chardonnay and eating some brilliant tacos from Mamasita and ice-cream from the amazing Pidapipo Gelateria.

It saddens me that the Club has such a limited season, but let’s be honest, nobody would ever do anything in summer if we could spend literally every afternoon and evening like this one. As the sun faded away the fairy lights transformed Birrarung Marr into a rich English version of the set of a Midsummer Nights Dream, which is everything I never knew I needed.

The Royal Croquet Club is only in town for a limited time, so make sure you get down before the 20th of December!


– Jasmin

Jasmin is a PR pro who designs stuff and writes words. You can find her at @jasmanna.



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