Lessons with Luis and Madeleine

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 10.12.39 amI’ve got to admit, the ‘Song Off’ title from Lessons with Luis and Madeline‘s new show had me wondering if I was about to be witness to a Survivor-style battle to the death… on a Sunday afternoon at The Workers Club.

I wasn’t completely wrong, although there were no fights to the death.

Luis and Madeleine both desperately want to be the next great Nicky, and through a series of amazing songs and skits they discover the true power of friendship, toast and sugar.

My notes for this show are probably the greatest highlight reel:

  • Amazing jumpers
  • A crying fish
  • Cats
  • A Russian cassette collection
  • I just got hit by sugar???

That’s basically the Song Off – it’s an afternoon of hilarity and a hell of a lot of escapism which is perfect for a Sunday afternoon. It hit at plenty of nostalgia for an early 90s kid like me, including frustration at things from 2007 being marketed as ‘vintage’… WHAT?!

I think the thing I loved most about this show is that, like Luis and Madeleine’s jumpers, the afternoon was like a warm cuddly thing. I can sometimes be wary of how offensive comedy can be, but every single joke and skit was hilarious without attacking anyone or anything – it’s the type of laughter that makes you feel warm inside for the rest of the day. Add in the catchy songs sung all the way through (with a hell of a lot of vocal talent from the angle of miss Madeleine) and I was stuck humming a song about toast for the next 24 hours. Seriously. I went to other gigs and still could only sing about the toast with the most. Thanks guys.

There is only ONE SHOW LEFT next Sunday. So go and have a brilliant Sunday afternoon with this crew. Be a Cool Boy/Girl/Non-binary individual.

– Jasmin
Jasmin Ashton is a PR student and designer from Melbourne who has a lot of feelings about pretty much everything and a need to share them. Find her at @Jasmanna.

Visit Lessons from Luis’ website and Facebook to keep up with their future happenings. Their third and final show is Sunday 11 October at The Workers Club.


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