Writing exercises

Overheard conversations | writing task

The scene: Two students, Building 9, level 2, at lunchtime on a Thursday. They sit down with a group of friends and crack open two containers that join together to fill the air with the smell of thick hot old cheese.


A. I got this pasta… it’s the worst.

B. It cant be that bad…

. This pasta is like me, it looks so good but there’s actually nothing good about it once you look deeper.

B. You’re just a nice looking, empty souled pasta.3855923185_83d1bee297_b

A. I can dress up all I want, I can wear beautiful things but really I’m just bland like this pasta. (stabs at food with fork)… Jesus didn’t die for this pasta.

B. I wouldn’t serve this to my dog. I wanna get angry at my mum and yell at her for it but she didn’t even make it.

A. It looks so good but its so not.

C. What is it?

B. It’s like…a vegetarian risotto? That’s what they were aiming for. I just wanna take this home and get so angry. I’m out. I’m done.

A. Do you feel like this meal speaks to you?

B. I feel like it’s a metaphor for my life…

A. You have no flavour.

B. I have no content.
A. No salt

B. Nothing good in me… This pasta should be my media project, you know how we have to do a portrait?

I’m out. I’m so sad… (Laughs) I’m so so sad.

A. I don’t even think it really had potato.

C. Mines really good actually.

A. It looks gourmet.

B. I’m so angry at you.

C. Yours stinks.

B. It tastes like… at church when you get the bread.

C. You’re gonna get food poisoning.

A. Maybe its like a detox… it rids your body of everything.

B. The good and the bad.

A. I’m out.

(storms to bin)

(Image- Cornell University Library)


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