Brunswick Music Festival 2015

Sweet Mona’s

There’s nothing sweeter than the Sweet Mona’s, especially when rocking 50’s hairstyles and singing the best of the best of early 20thcentury gospel in their Melbourne debut of ‘Rock My Soul’.

For the sake of full disclosure, I’ll open by saying many a year ago I was a member in the spinoff kids’ version of the Sweet Mona’s choir. I’ve been listening to them for over ten years and I’m still in love with them all. It’s stood the test of time.

‘Rock My Soul’ kicked any previous choir performance formats out the window. A self-aware 1940s(ish) themed live radio show took place in front of us, with many a harmonised advertising jingle alongside the beautiful singing of the choir. I can vouch personally for Stella Savy’s group-leading prowess, and with her at the helm the group made their way through an amazing set list of the best of the best in classic gospel, with soloists shining and winning the hearts of the audience.

The Sweet Mona’s are what happens when a bunch of ridiculously talented singers get together to make sweet music and take it to the people. Consider my soul thoroughly rocked! -Jasmin


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